The very first Executive Board of the Castle Construction Association, at the founding of the Castle Construction Association, in front of the Ruins of Burg Castle in 1887. (Copyright: Archives of the Schlossbauverein Burg a/d Wupper e.V.)

The Castle Construction Association

We need more ...

... people to support Burg Castle. For the things that visitors can see here have only been made possible by the commitment of a huge number of local citizens.

When not much remained of Burg Castle in the mid-19th century influential citizens took its restoration into their own hands. The most prominent of these was the textile manufacturer Julius Schumacher who found allies in politics and the church. When the Castle Construction Association was set up in 1887 the reaction of the local population was overwhelming. The people wanted to have their castle back and donations of all size poured in. As early as August 1890 the path along the battlements, the stair tower and the gate tower were officially opened. And in 1914 reconstruction work finally ended. The Castle Construction Association is still in existence today. But there are so many ideas to make people’s visits even more informative and exciting. You can help us keep the history of the castle alive with a small donation, or even become a member.

Support the Castle Construction Association

Support the Castle Construction Association and the maintenance of Burg Castle.

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The Castle Construction Association would like to thank all of the people who contribute to or have contributed to maintain the castle complex.


It goes without saying that all members enjoy free admission!

Burg Castle needs You!

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Burg Castle is unthinkable without all of the voluntary commitment: then without the idealistic, financial and hands on support from the people of the Bergish Land Burg Castle would still be a ruin or would have even been swept from the face of the earth. It is due to the merits of the civic commitment, over the last 125 some odd years, that today Burg Castle is the symbol of the region and the doors of Burg Castle now are now open to its visitors.
One possibility to support Burg Castle is to become a member of the non profit organization »Schlossbauverein Burg a/d Wupper e.V.« (Castle Construction Association). This is a great way to directly help the castle complex survive the Ages.

Advantages of being a Member:

  • Free admission into the castle (except for special events) for individual and family memberships.
    (Family membership = 2 adults and all of their children)
  • 10% off of the regular castle room rental prices
  • Have a say/ take part in the yearly Castle Construction Association member meeting