Guided tours

Journeys of discovery within ancient walls

Gallery of Anchestors (Copyright: BSW / Kristina Malis)

Our guides will lead you through the secrets of Schloss Burg Castle, tell you its stories and show you hidden places. Alongside public tours on Saturdays and Sundays you can also book individual tours in English and French and on special themes. There are also special tours tailor-made for children’s birthdays and schools.

Our thematic tours comprise the following: »Knights’ Castle and Royal Palace« will give you an overview of the castle building; »Eating and Drinking« is dedicated to table manners and the utterly different diets of the aristocracy and the common people. There are also guided tours through the medicinal herb gardens.

What We Offer

Guided tours

Let us find just the right tour for you – be it a general tour or on a specific theme, a tailor-made tour for children or adults, in English or other languages.

Reservations: +49 (0)212/24 226-26
Duration: 45 – 60 mins.
Prices: 45 € (55 € on Weekends)

Public guided tours (german language)
on specific Saturdays and Sundays at 14.00         

Take into consideration:

General Information

As usual, in old palaces and castles the stairs can be narrow and uneven. The interior rooms of the castle complex are not on the ground floor and are not barrier free. Please keep this in mind.

Because of this baby carriages/buggies can not be taken into the museum rooms. 

Dogs are only allowed in the inner courtyards.