The Visitor Center (Copyright: SBV)

Our Shops in the Visitor Center

The Visitor Center was built in the old school building at the forecourt of the castle. The Museum Shop and the Bergische Schatzkammer can both be found there.

The Bergische Schatzkammer  offers a one of a kind assortment of cutlery (quality knives made in Solingen), souvenirs, and unique gift items. The shop is run by volunteers and their vital contribution helps directly to maintain the castle complex.

The Museum Shop is filled with a variety of informative, entertaining and interesting items pertaining to the history of Burg Castle, the region »Bergisches Land« and the Middle Ages for castle visitors young and old alike. The Museums shop is found directly in the new Visitor Center of Burg Castle and was opened for you in the middle of December 2015.

Introducing the newest castle inhabitants

Burg Castle has recently added two new cute and cuddly residents.

Leo von Berg and Engelbert.

Both fluffy fellows can be found in the Museums Shop. Leo von Berg is the spitting image of the Bergische Löwe (lion) and naturally has an authentic double tail and a blue crown. Engelbert is a sleepy little owl. The real little owl Engelbert can be seen perched in one of the chimney stacks in the inner courtyard of castle.

They both made a perfect keepsake for our little guests to remember their exciting trip to Schloss Burg Castle by.

Engelbert and Leo von Berg (Copyright: SBV)

All around Burg Castle

Shops, Restaurants and More

A short list of dining, shopping and lodging, in the direct vicinity of Burg Castle, with contact information can be found here:

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Opening hours Bergische Schatzkammer

Tue– Fri: 14-18 Uhr
Sat & Sun: 12-18 Uhr
Mondays closed

Tue– Fri: 14-16 Uhr
Sat & Sun: 12-17 Uhr
Mondays closed