Chair Lift Burg (Copyright: BSW / Christina Schultes)


Chair Lift Burg

The chair lift is a special attraction especially for the kids. The chair lift is the most comfortable way to ascend the 91 meters from Unterburg to Oberburg. / Phone 0212.43181

Valley Stop: Hasencleverstraße 2, 42659 Solingen
Bus Stop: Solingen ›Burg Seilbahn‹ (Line: 683)
Mountain Top Stop: Schloßplatz 17, 42659 Solingen
Bus Stop: Solingen ›Burg Schloss‹ (Freizeitlinie: 687 & Line: 622)

Wine Bar (Copyright: Team Gastronomie)

Food and Drink

Weinbar (Wine Bar) in the Castle

Enjoy wining and dining within the historical walls of Burg Castle. An amazing atmosphere where you can sit back and forget the outer world and enjoy the wine and  tantalizing food.

Opening hours: Thursday – Saturday at 6pm,  Sundays at 3pm
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Food and Drink

Here is a list of the Cafes and Restaurants in Solingen Oberburg in the direct vicinity of the castle.
(The external links are usually mostly in German)

Bergische Zwiebackmanufaktur
Wermelskirchener Str. 2, 42659 Solingen
+49 (0)212/41024

Café Rittersturz
Steinweg 14, 42659 Solingen
+49 (0)212/42912

Café Voigt
Schlossplatz 11-13, 42659 Solingen
+49 (0)212/42167

Das Waffelhaus
Steinweg 12, 42659 Solingen
+49 (0)212/42867

Höhrath 150, 42659 Solingen
+49 (0)2196/1237

Weinbar (Wine Bar)
Schlossplatz 2, 42695 Solingen
+49 (0)212/8802016

Restaurant Zur schönen Aussicht
Schlossplatz 8, 42659 Solingen
+49 (0)212/41093

Hotel Laber - Restaurant, Café
Wermelskirchener Str. 19, 42659 Solingen
+49 (0)212/41623


Food and Drink

Here is a list of the Cafes and Restaurants in Solingen Unterburg on the Wupper River at the base of the cliffs of the Castle complex.
(The external links are usually in German)

Cafe Meyer
Schlossberg Str. 4, 42659 Solingen
+49 (0)212/2443275

Wupper Terrassen
Eschbachstr. 1, 42659 Solingen
+49 (0)212/44578

Around Burg Castle


Apart from the Museums Shop and the Bergische Schatzkammer in the old school house there are many small shops with regional Bergish specialties. Discover the Burger Brezeln and unique souvenirs. Here is a short list:

Galerie Barakah
Schlossplatz 3, 42659 Solingen
+49 (0)162/3825237

Holztruhe am Schlosstor
Schlossplatz 6, 42659 Solingen
+49 (0)212/2213197

Wollladen Handgemenge (Wool Shop)
Schlossplatz 5, 42659 Solingen
+49 (0)212/44642


In Unterburg:

Alte Kunst Weinkeller (Wine Cellar)
Schlossbergstraße 8, 42569 Solingen
+49 (0)212/24929549

Around Burg Castle

Lodging in the area

You can find a detailed list of quality lodging in Remscheid, Solingen and Wuppertal at the Bergisch Three:

Online Lodging List »


Hotel Laber
Wermelskirchener Str. 19, 42659 Solingen
+49 (0)212/41623

Hotel Haus Niggemann
Wermelskirchener Str. 22-24, 42659 Solingen
+49 (0)212/41021

Ferienwohnung am Schloss (Holiday Flat)
Burgtalstraße 2, 42659 Solingen
+49 (0)212/2443983