Festivities & Markets

When the Castle bursts with life!

Something special is happening at Burg Castle almost every week. And every event takes on its own unique magic in this setting.

The majestic location on the peak of a huge hill, within the walls of an old castle and with a panoramic view over the landscape makes Burg Castle ideal for all types of cultural events. Artists are only too willing to draw their inspiration from the special atmosphere here.

Recitals in the Knights Hall, theatrical shows and open-air events from Flamenco to Shakespeare all exert a completely different impression here than in a conventional concert hall. The cultural programme at Burg Castle is growing more and more varied every year. Just like its audience. Alongside events that bring the Middle Ages back to life, Burg Castle is also open to contemporary culture.

Open-Air Concert (Copyright: Kulturmanagement der Stadt Solingen / Christian Beier)

Concert in the Knights Hall (Copyright: Kulturmanagement der Stadt Solingen / Christian Beier)

Art & Culture

A place of inspiration

Choral recitals featuring international guests, salon orchestras and light opera galas, singer-songwriter evenings, readings and jazz concerts – Burg Castle transforms every show into a very special event. What makes it even more special is that the castle rooms allow visitors to experience the artists at close quarters.

Storytellers at Burg Castle (Copyright: BSW / Kristina Malis)

Children & Families

Children never get bored at Burg Castle

Children are unmistakably at the centre of a huge number of events at Burg Castle. Storytellers regularly captivate their young audiences with sagas, myths and fairy tales in the old Knights Hall. During Advent there are Christmas tales and puppet theatre. A witches' feast and a children's party each offer audiences the chance to take an active part in a colourful programme the whole day long.

Battle reenactment performed by the Georg`s Knights (Copyright: BSW / Christina Schultes)

Knights & Citizens

Life and Battle in the Middle Ages

From time to time you can come up across majestically clad knights at Burg Castle. So why not simply get into conversation with them? It’s perfectly possible! For they set up camp and live there then. They also show themselves in action: entertaining shows full of action or a journey back in time to the world of jousting tournaments and the court life of the nobility. Living history lessons in an authentic setting!

At the long night of the Craftsmen (Copyright: SBV)

Markets & Bazaars

Historic & Artistic

When merchants haggle with each other as in olden times, or let people look over their shoulders whilst they are making earthenware bowls; and when street musicians enchant their passers-by with music from their old-fashioned instruments you can be sure it’s Mediaeval Market time! By contrast the traditional handycraftmarket for one week in autumn is all about arts and crafts. More than 100 artisans show their skills and offer their creations all over the museum, inside an out.

Events at Burg Castle

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