Banquets and conferences ...

... in a historical setting

Celebrate Events in the Knight’s Hall (Copyright: Team Gastronomie GmbH)

Festivities and banquets in the rooms of Burg Castle were once the exclusive privilege of the aristocracy. Now the Knights' Hall and Engelbert Room are open to everyone. You can celebrate weddings and birthdays, hold conferences and enjoy fine menus in wood-panelled rooms covered in momentous paintings, behind thick castle walls and with a fantastic view over the landscape.

If you want to try out the food and drink just drop by on a Sunday and enjoy a brunch in the castle.


Room hire & catering

The Knights’ Hall, the Ancestral Portrait Gallery and the bower (living chamber) can accommodate between 60 and 150 persons depending on the room and the event. Within our castle complex the catering is offered exclusively by the »Team Gastronomie GmbH«.

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The Event Rooms Offered

Knights Hall, Gallery of Ancestors & Bower

All of the rooms can be viewed during the regular hours of business. The rooms (with the exception of the chapel and outer areas) can only be booked for times outside of the regular opening times of the museum.

Kemenate (Bower / living chamber)
capacity up to 70 persons · rental fee: 400 €

Kemenate & Ahnengalerie (Bower / living chamber & Gallery of Ancestors)
capacity up to 70 persons · rental fee: 500 €

Rittersaal (Knights Hall)
capacity up to 150 persons
rental fee for private persons: 800 €
business prices available on request

Chapel (ev.)
capacity up to 60 persons · rental fee: 150 €

outside area
available on request

The Knights Hall (Copyright: Kristine Löw)

Rittersaal (Knights Hall)

The Knight´s Hall was as a reception hall and a gathering place the most important room inside a Castle. Even grand festivals were celebrated in the magnificent 21 meter long and 10 meter wide hall. Nowadays the room radiates its own special atmosphere with its four pillars, the massive beamed ceiling and the small window niches. The walls were used as a canvas for paintings in the year 1900 by famous artists out of the Düsseldorf Art Academy and show significant historical events out of the lives of the Counts and Dukes of Burg. The Knight´s Hall offers your event a special festive framework and has room for 150 guests.

The Bower / Ladies heated apartment (Copyright: SBV)

Kemenate (Bower / living chamber)

The Bower was once the constantly heated main living room in Burg Castle. For that reason the mural paintings in the Bower depict the way of life in the Middle Ages at a castle. In the 1600s´ the Bower was enlarged again so larger events could be celebrated at the castle. Today it provides space for up to 70 guests and is very inviting for events due to its cozy atmosphere.

By the way: Weddings can be held here! And during specific times (Fridays between 10am and 2pm), the Civil Registry Office of Solingen offers civil wedding ceremonies. To make an appointment please get in contact with the Civil Registry of Solingen: +49 (0)212/290-3657.

The Chapel (Copyright: SBV)

Kapelle (chapel)

Every castle had a chapel. It was naturally easier and safer to have and attend your own chapel services inside of your own fortified castle walls. The Neo-Gothic style chapel was at first reserved for use exclusively by the Counts of Berg and their family. A two meter high painted wooden statue of the Arch Angle Michael (a replica of the famous statue, out of the 1500´s, in St. Andrew´s church in Cologne) watches over the altar.

Today you too can reserve this beautiful room for your wedding.

The Gallery of Ancestors (Copyright: SBV)

Ahnengalerie (Gallery of Ancestors)

The Gallery of Ancestral Portraits is located between the Knight´s Hall and the Bower. The genealogy of the regional rulers of Berg is displayed impressively in form of a family tree and through portraits beginning with Adam and Eve and then growing all the way to the last German Kaiser. This smaller room is perfect as a reception room or to set up a buffet in connection with the Bower or Knight´s Hall.


The castle´s inner courtyard (Copyright: BSW / Christina Schultes)

The Outside Area

The castle´s outer courtyards, inner courtyard, or the courtyard with the well – Can be used for an open air concert or your company´s special event with a castle as a perfect setting.