Men of metal!

A suit of armour like this could once weigh up to 30 kg. Moving along in such a shell was therefore somewhat exhausting. Consequently there was a problem. Whilst they were fighting the heat from their bodies built up under the metal. The thicker and safer the armour was, the more the combatants sweated. And on top of that, when fierce sunlight heated up the metal a knight would be more likely to be laid low by a heat stroke than by his opponent.

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Who is brave enough to climb this tower?

The keep with its erstwhile 4 metre thick walls was once the place of refuge when Burg Castle was attacked. The tower stands out above the castle site, a solemn flag with the red Bergisch lion flies above the roof. Anyone who climbs the narrow staircase between the walls will end up at a dizzy height on a small wooden balcony. Did the Counts of Berg also stand here once to gaze proudly over their land?

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What does it sound like in a Knights Hall?

During the day the wooden floor creaks beneath the steps of visitors and everywhere you can hear contemplative low voices and children’s boisterous expressions coming from all directions,. But on some evenings everything changes: the light, the sounds, the atmosphere. The rooms are then filled with music and the visitors are right in the thick of the proceedings.


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Can anything be done?

Yes indeed! Burg Castle has left its sorrowful times behind it. Around 150 years ago all you could see on this tiny hill beside the Wupper was a stone skeleton. The Castle had fallen into ruins and been plundered. Nonetheless it still remained in people’s wistful memories. The sight of it was so painful that they felt compelled to do something to remedy matters. So they collected money to build it once more. Even today the people in the region are committed to the Castle and organise cultural life here.

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Do something together every now and then…

Exactly. With the whole family, and without the children getting bored or kicking up a fuss. One member of the family insists on eating a Bergisch waffle, another loves to linger in the Museum, and a third is interested in knights or keen on doing a little shopping for a few exclusive extras. And yet another would like to travel up the hill with the funicular railway. None of this is a problem on a single day-trip to Burg Castle!

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Winters were once ice cold at Burg Castle

The wind whistled through the windows. The high walls in the halls meant that the rooms could scarcely be heated. The only room with a fireplace was the ladies apartment that was used as the main living room in winter. People spent the night in canopy beds with thick curtains, behind which a little warmth could be collected. Today everything is different here: the rooms are pleasantly heated throughout the year for cultural events, weddings and restaurant visits.

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A noble place!

»My castle, my land, my knights!« Was this the sort of boast made by the Counts of Berg hundreds of years ago when they met up with the neighbouring aristocracy? Who knows? For Burg Castle is truly noble, the surrounding countryside is very diverse, and the people in the region are still committed to their Castle. It is they who keep the history and culture of this place alive.

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